Steven Piriano

This course was easy to understand and filled with useful and actionable information. It was well worth the price. Thank you again.

Juli Realy

Hello, This is my second time posting with another success! Your guidelines are great! I was successful with my first pitch and got scheduled, and now, I was successful with my second pitch as well. Yahoo! This is definately not a coonicidence but the result of a very successful formula. HIghly recommended!

Juli Realy

Hi, I offer training/coaching and I bought the "How to get Radio Interviews" training to promote my business. After following the specific guidelines in the course to make my pitch, I was invited to speak on a podcast on my first try! I know that this is not a coincidence, but a manifestation of the training i recieved and followed. Yipee! Good Course, efective, clear and easy to follow, grateful to have purchased it!

Annie Chisambo

This publicity training course was helpful.

I would recommend the MP3s to a friend and the price was right.

Thank you.

Susan Bischak

The training was very helpful and I highly recommend that people invest in the program so they will make the best impression and increase their chances of being asked back on the show.

Janet Alston Jackson

This is a fabulous training. These MP3s are a bargain for the wealth of information you receive. I really appreciate that there is no up-selling or fluff...just straight radio publicity tactics with high integrity. There are too many unethical marketers out there selling unethical stunts to get publicity which can reflect badly on you and your product or service if you follow their advice.

teri green

Very interesting and informative. The content was very relevant. Now we need to start a campaign.

Tara Marie

I LOVE Scott's teleseminar series & appreciate all this help!

Chris Vaca

Thanks those teleseminars were very helpful and informative. I know of no other place to go for the kind of information that you offer.

Thanks again.

Marsha Wright

Gotta say I'm really enjoying #RadioGuestList Seminar - worth every penny!

Dr. Lesley Phillips

I bought them and I thought they were good and I would recommend them to friends.


I liked the product and it was worth what I paid for it.

I feel it had good content that will help me move in the right direction.

Some products are all fluff, but you had some good, solid content rich tips.

I'm an entrepreneur, just like you, so I appreciate the work you do.

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